The permanent exposition: Jopie’s Paradise

Jopie was a colourful person and a born storyteller. His works of art tell their own story which can be seen and heard in the Jopie’s Paradise exhibition.


In the audio tour, Jopie comments in person on his collection by means of original interview excerpts. The audio tour is available in Dutch, Frisian, German and English.



Jopie Huisman has also been called the painter of compassion. Over the years, his still-life paintings have, for many, become universal lessons of life: ‘What has been cast out as old rubbish, may change into something that resonates with you. People recognize themselves in my paintings and can identify with them.’


The museum shares Jopie’s paradise with the visitor, from his birth as a painter to his heroes and sources of inspiration. He used to say: ‘The world ceases to exist beyond the horizon of Workum because, for me, the sky can never be more beautiful than it is here’. Workum was his heaven on earth and his renewed museum is a reflection of this.


Wolkom yn Jopie’s Paradys!

Additional expositions

Next to the permanent exposition: 'Jopie’s Paradise' the museum has additional expositions on a regular basis. From temporay to modern art. But also expositions that matches Jopie's philosophy.